Raw Art: Writer Esther David on the Usefulness of Art as Therapy

In conversation with the Sahitya Akademi awardee on her explorations with untutored artists in prisons, slums and hospitals of Ahmedabad.


Art can often express what language cannot. A previous article had explored how our constant under-estimation of art is critically threatening our potential to become more ‘complete human beings’. In this light, it was inspiring to come across the work of writer and artist Esther David, the Sahitya Akademi award winner who has passionately pursued ways for people – in prisons, hospitals and slums of Ahmedabad – to express themselves through art and sculpture.

In my article published in Creative Yatra, David is kind enough to share the wonderful work that surfaced over the course of her many interactions with untutored or natural artists.


image 1

Meena feeling chained before her early marriage. (From Esther David’s private collection. )

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