“Social Media is Our Ammunition Against Apathy”: Harnidh Kaur on the War of Poetry

Interview with a 21-year old poet about creativity and healing, the power of words, and why kinder intentions make for better poetry.

I was happy to grab an excuse to meet the spirited Harnidh Kaur, whom I encountered first at the “25 Under 25 Grand Summit” of Campus Diaries. Though I barely had a chance to speak with her then (amidst a deluge of ninety-eight other formidable talents) I recall being stumped by her extremely vivid imagination and repertoire of work. Above all, I do most enjoy the excuse that writing provides me with to meet various curious and whole-hearted individuals.

She isn’t the quintessential pen-toting, old-fashioned poet. If you meet her, it’s quite likely that you’ll see her furiously jabbing away at her smartphone, jotting down poetry on the Google Keep app or unleashing another post into the big bad digital web-world. A self-confessed social media addict, this poetess is quick to shoot down the negativity that surrounds discourses around our digital age by arguing that social media is the most important tool of our age to wage war against rampant apathy. At 21 years of age she has an extensive following online, is a three-time TEDx speaker on the subject of creativity, and is out with her first book – an anthology of poems. Meet Harnidh Kaur on Creative Yatra.


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‘To Eklavya’, by Harnidh Kaur


(Images are from the Instagram feeds of Harnidh Kaur and Priyanka Paul)

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