Debunking Common Cultural Misconceptions About Creativity

‘Creativity’ is today’s choicest term. And yet much mysticism has come to cloud this word over time. Unlike the illusive imagery that accompanies the pronouncement of this word – I’m thinking of hair suspended in a perpetual state of static, of feverish dances with paint on canvas, and of heads in ovens – creativity is a far more accessible and friendly enterprise than we give it credit for. As evocative of awe as this phenomenon has always been, it’s also worthy of some deconstruction. Do you think that creative people are more right-brained? That brainstorming generates the best ideas? And that creative problem-solvers are the need of the hour? Here, in my article on Creative Yatra, I deconstruct some of the common myths about creativity that have well served their time and deserve burial.


(Cover image from ‘On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein’ by Jennifer Berne)

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