This Travelling Exhibition on the ‘Death of Architecture’ Provokes You to Demand Better Cities and Places

13 architects from around India raise their voices in critique, mourn the dying city and reminisce about forgotten beauty in this first-of-its-kind exhibition.

When I heard that an exhibition called the ‘Death of Architecture’ was coming to Mumbai, I braced myself for an onslaught of provocations. On entering the hall of exhibits, I was greeted by something that looked like a ritual burial ground laid dramatically beside the termite-eaten pages of a book (a history book, I fancy). Needless to say, my expectation was heightened.

Perhaps anyone walking into the exhibition should make a dash first to the very end of the exhibits, where panels by Zameer Basrai and Riyaz Tayyibji beckon the attention of a mind seeking provocation (preferably a headily caffeinated one). Both architects make it plainly known that they are critiquing the works of their contemporaries, right from the outset – something that few architects ever do.

Read my review of the exhibition on Creative Yatra.

Featured image is adapted from this image by Aniket Bhagwat of Prabhakar Bhagwat Associates for ‘Death of Architecture’ Exhibition

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